Hessa Al Ajmani

Visual artist & ceramicist

Visual artist & ceramicist

Visual artist & ceramicistVisual artist & ceramicist


Macrobiology: (n.) the study of large living organisms that are visible with the naked eye.

Microbiology: (n.) the study of small living organisms that are only visible through a microscope.

We battle between the conscious and subconscious states of mind on daily basis through the simplest of forms. Looking at a person, whether familiar or stranger, what you would typically instantly notice are always things like their eyes, hair, or teeth, but your subconsciousness takes in a lot more than that. These people are often full of insecurities about the tiniest and almost invisible details about them that no one ever notices. They are a large country that hold of countless little states of being that make up the essence of who they are. The purpose of this work is to bring to view these details. By steering away from what is obvious, we zoom in on other bits and pieces of the puzzle until they are almost abstract in form, but would still be understood immediately. This change of perspective allows for a new appreciation to take place that contributes greatly to your understanding of that person.

The hands  are any artist’s second most important tool, with the first most important tool being their brain. The hands can say so much about a person and what they do, and so by zooming in to the tiniest details on them gives the viewer a sense of intimacy with the work.



Pencil on paper

291 mm x 420 mm