Hessa Al Ajmani

Visual artist & ceramicist

Visual artist & ceramicist

Visual artist & ceramicistVisual artist & ceramicist


Mineralization: (n.) in biology: the process by which an organic substance becomes impregnated by inorganic substances; in geology: the hydrothermal deposition of economically important metals in the formation of ore bodies or lodes.

From birth to death, life does not stop trying to find new ways to challenge us. We are constantly faced with situations that can either kill us or make us stronger. Each of these experiences leaves a permanent mark in us and affect the way we make future decisions and live our lives. They are elements and compounds that react together and result in beautiful formations of lessons learned and memories kept. How we experience our lives is not much different from how crystals form under intense pressure and heat. 

Minerals are sometimes sought after for their energetic properties. Since ancient times, people have been harnessing this metaphysical energy for healing, protecting, and empowering by collecting these minerals, adding to their value with time. The human, as a combination of body and consciousness is a metaphysical being that can be broken down into the most basic elements. As humans, we are made from earth, and it is to earth that we will return to. In Islam, it is said that God created Adam from clay. 

In the bigger picture, we can see how everything we know is made from the same basic elements, just put together in different ways. The simple variations in elemental combinations and codes result in the most beautiful kind of diversity in colors, shapes, and properties, whether it is in nature or human personality.



Paperclay and low-fire glaze