Hessa Al Ajmani

Visual artist & ceramicist

Visual artist & ceramicist

Visual artist & ceramicistVisual artist & ceramicist


Construction sites have always been a nuisance to any passersby, often giving off a bad aura to the place. Now, I find myself staring and wanting to take pictures of every construction site I pass by. Living two cities away from my university meant that at the time, I had to take long drives that passed by long stretches of construction panels, trucks parked by the roadside, drilling machines and cranes. I have adapted to see the city as an every-shifting living thing, constantly shifting and growing, made up of lines crisscrossing and pointing in all directions. Building skeletons, trucks, fences, cranes, and power lines are all lines that our eyes had learned to completely ignore. We often do not notice these things until we consciously decide to. Drawing these sites gave me an even closer look. I have grown to appreciate the re-modeling that is being done all around me. I see it as a promise to a more convenient future. 

Skeleton City


Mixed media on paper

420mm x 594mm